Dental Impants Holladay| Tooth Restoration In Holladay, UT
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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry



The days of the use of removable dentures is becoming less and less common. The reason for this is the increased use of implant dentistry instead of the older methods of replacing missing teeth.


The majority of adults in Holladay, Utah and other parts of the country have at least one or more missing natural teeth. It is something that can happen for many reasons. People lose teeth that are damaged in an accident, they lose teeth that decay and they lose teeth as part of the aging process. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have lost some of your natural teeth. What is more important is what you decide to do about the missing teeth.


There will be some people that accept the missing teeth and will live without them. There are others that will get bridges and dentures that are made to fit in place of the missing tooth or teeth. These may not be bad options, but implants offer many more benefits.


What are Implants?


Implants are man-made teeth that are permanently implanted into the bone. The implant consists of a metal piece that is drilled into the bone. Once the implant is put into place, it is given time to heal. During the healing process the bone actually grows around the implant and it becomes a part of the bone. After the implant has healed, a cap can be placed over the implant to replace the missing tooth.


The cap that is placed over the implant looks and feels and acts like a natural tooth. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between an implant and a natural tooth. The implants are cared for in the same way as a natural tooth. Brushing, flossing and professional cleaning is the recommended way to care for the implants. The cap may break or have to be replaced, but the implant will last for a long time and will usually never have to be replaced.


Benefits of Implants


The thing about implants that is most appealing is their appearance. Once a person has had the procedure done, the implant will look like the natural tooth. It can be colored to match the natural teeth and it will function in the same way as the natural teeth. Implants have very few restrictions for the people that choose to get them. A person can have one implant done to replace a single tooth or they can have all of the teeth replaced by implants.


The procedure does require patience and care. Getting the implant to heal can require 12 weeks. There is also the possibility of infection from this procedure during the healing process. A person undergoing an implant may need to have another procedure done to strengthen the bone that the implant will go into. Although these are risks, the amount of risk is minimal from this procedure.


Despite the cost, more people in Holladay, Utah are turning to implants. They like the idea of having a smile that is natural and permanent and this is the best way to achieve it.

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