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General Dentistry

General Dentistry


We are excited to announce that Holladay Family Dental is now part of the Abundant Dental Family. Even the most consciously cared-for teeth can experience tooth-decay at some point in time. We offer the latest in technology and techniques to restore your teeth to their natural beauty and strength.


Dr. Greaves’ expertise in “restoring” teeth allows for strong, long-lasting solutions. Rather than simply “filling” teeth, he restores teeth to their natural beauty and strength.


Take a minute to learn of the various types of restorative procedures used to protect and restore decayed or missing teeth by choosing one of the links to the left.


Dr. Greaves recognized early on that people need to have a single, thorough dentist who they can trust to see them through all of the dental procedures that they require. As a result, he has worked hard to create a single dental practice where all of your questions can be answered, and all of the procedures that you need can be performed, comfortably, to give you the healthy, beautiful smile that you deserve.

Even if you have neglected your teeth, or are afraid of the dentist, please come in for a consultation. You will find that Dr. Greaves is a genuine, caring and knowledgeable dentist who will really listen to you, and recommend the right treatment plan for you.


* Visit one of our favorite websites for animated explanations of dental procedures at

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