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A full crown is usually indicated when a tooth has had root canal treatment, when a substantial amount of tooth structure has been lost or when a tooth is cracked or broken. We place a crown on a tooth where there is no longer sufficient tooth structure left to place a filling.


At the office of Dr. Jesse Greaves we take care to make the crown procedure as quick and smooth as possible. If you have questions or want to know more about getting a tooth crown or any other type of dental procedure please feel free to call our office at 801-272-8051.

If you have pain in a tooth that is caused by an infection or damage, then it is imperative to visit a dentist for an examination. A crown is designed to protect the underlying structures of a tooth from additional damage while you are chewing food and drinking beverages.


Step One: Visiting Your Dentist for an Examination


When you have a tooth that is cracked or infected, visit a dentist immediately to determine if it is savable with a surgical procedure along with a customized dental restoration. Your dentist will collect medical images of your mouth to determine if an infection has spread to the jawbone or dental roots before prescribing medications such as antibiotics. Teeth have crowns because someone damaged the enamel surfaces of the structures in a vehicular accident or because of the damage caused by a large cavity.


Step Two: Have a Mold Created to Make a Crown


To make sure a dental restoration looks natural inside your mouth, a dentist creates a mold of the damaged tooth. With computer software, a dental laboratory technician can design a restoration that fits perfectly and feels comfortable. A crown is made of durable water-resistant metals before it is covered with color-matching porcelain or composite materials.


Step Three:  Covering the Tooth With the Crown


After the damaged tooth is sanitized, repaired and filled, the dentist can cover the remaining portion with the custom-made crown. It is fastened to the tooth with waterproof resins, and the dentist makes sure it fits correctly inside your mouth to provide a natural appearance and sturdy biting surface. Teeth with crowns are easy to take care of by brushing and flossing each day.


Call Your Dentist Today to Receive a Crown for a Damaged Tooth


Contact your dentist in Holladay, Utah, for more important facts about tooth crowns.

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