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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The idea of having your wisdom teeth removed is something that makes people grimace in pain. Many people often share the old horror stories of their experience having their wisdom teeth removed and openly sharing them with younger generations. It is always hard to listen to your grandparent or a parent talk about the excruciating pain that they were in after the procedure and how long it took them to recover from the procedure.

Luckily times have changed and procedures have improved greatly. While there may be horror stories that can be found about wisdom teeth removal, the truth is the procedure is not so bad. Choosing the right Salt Lake City dentist for having your wisdom teeth removed can make all the difference.

A Necessary Procedure

The bottom line is that removing the wisdom teeth may be a necessary procedure. If there is no room for wisdom teeth to grow in and they become impacted, the pain may hit the excruciating level that people recall. It may also be important for a person that wants their bite to be corrected. Leaving in wisdom teeth can not only be painful, it can cause other health problems. For those reasons, a person will need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Finding the Right Doctor

One of the keys to having a wisdom tooth removed without the incredible pain and discomfort is choosing the right dentist. There will be people that argue it is better to turn to an oral surgeon instead of a person practicing general dentistry to have the procedure done. The reality is that both of these types of dentist can perform the work and they can both do it well. It is better to find the dentist that makes you comfortable instead of worry if they are a surgeon or not.

The way to find out what dentist you are comfortable with is to talk to them. Oral surgeons and dentists in Salt Lake City, Utah should be willing to schedule an appointment where they explain what they do and what will happen when you have your wisdom teeth removed. If they are not willing to spend that time, it may be best to look for another dentist.

Another key to dealing with the pain of wisdom teeth removal is the care that occurs after the procedure. Pain medications can make it much easier to handle. Taking some time off of work or school may also make it easier to overcome the discomfort that may occur. The pain from the procedure is manageable, but it will take effort to do it the right way.

The biggest mistake a person can make when it comes to wisdom teeth removal is to ignore it. That would not resolve the issue and will only make the whole ordeal that much worse. A call to the dentist is the best way to avoid the pain.

Removing wisdom teeth is one of the services we offer at Holladay Family Dental. Learn more about wisdom teeth removal procedures and what to expect after the procedure on our Wisdom Teeth page. Residents of Holladay, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah can feel confident bringing themselves and their family members to Dr. Greaves for a wide variety of general dentistry services. Call Kerri or Angela at 801-272-8051 for more information or to schedule a consult.