Why Scheduling Cleanings In Advance Is Important To A Child’s Oral Health - Holladay Family Dental
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Why Scheduling Cleanings In Advance Is Important To A Child’s Oral Health

Why Scheduling Cleanings In Advance Is Important To A Child’s Oral Health

Receiving a pediatric dental checkup is vital to helping your child and/or children obtain optimal oral health. However, scheduling dental services like cleaning and routine examinations in advance of experiencing an acute problem and/or dental emergency, as well as ahead of specific times and events may benefit you and your child and/or children on a long-term basis. The following short blog explains some of the reasons why.

Many dental care professionals opine that arranging a pediatric dental checkup for a young person before an attention-causing problem develops and/or prior to specific events such as the beginning of the new school year, an extended family vacation and/or a special event like a wedding or other family gathering might save you and your kids time and money while preserving and/or improving their oral health.

The Benefits Of Scheduling A Kids Dental Checkup Prior To Problems Arising Identifying Potential Problems In Their Earliest Stages

During most kids dental checkups, their dentist will not only perform standard services such as teeth cleaning, but will also carefully examine the teeth and gums for any potential problems including cavities, gum diseases like gingivitis and/or possible injuries. Should any malady be detected, a dentist can immediately employ corrective measures and prevent the problem from becoming a more painful, difficult and/or long-standing experience for your child, as well as a less costly one for you, both emotionally and financially.  A lack of proper dental care can often result in kids teeth developing decay (where a tooth’s enamel gradually erodes). Progression of such a condition may precipitate more serious problems such as difficulty eating and ingestion of adequate nutrition and bacterial infections that are typically quite painful and come with the associated risk of spreading to other regions of the body.

The Benefits Of Scheduling Pediatric Dental Checkups Ahead Of Major Events

There is an old adage that says problems never occur at a convenient time. That saying certainly applies to dental maladies. It is for this reason oral care experts opine scheduling a routine examination ahead of any major event, most notably the beginning of a new scholastic year. Research conducted by the Academy Of General Dentistry concluded that more than a staggering 51 million school hours are lost by students to dental problems each year. In addition, the organization also found that tooth decay is the top ranking chronic childhood illness and that problems with kids teeth are many times more common than seasonal allergies and asthma.