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What’s Your Dental Score?

What’s Your Dental Score?

Your dental score is a numerical value which can help you determine how at risk you are for various dental illnesses or diseases. By tallying together a variety of risk factors, you can determine how close you are to ideal dental health conditions. Your score covers the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth, and can help you plan a dental healthcare plan, or help in the planning of your dental hygiene.

Your score should not replace the expert opinion of dentists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals, but it can certainly be used in conjunction with their advice.

The test can be taken at mydentalscore.com , and the results can teach you a surprising amount about not just your current dental health situation, but also about how you can adjust your dental healthcare plan to better suit your individual needs. It can also help you understand how likely certain conditions may be for you. For example, you can gain a better understanding of how likely you are to get a cavity, gingivitis, or periodontitis, by answering questions about your health and risk factors.

What do I do with this information?

Once you have taken the test to determine your level of risk, you can use this information to your benefit. After you’ve gained an understanding of your specific risk factors, you can use that knowledge to help you decide how frequently seeing a dentist makes sense for you. You can use your dental score to determine how frequently to schedule cleanings, checkups, and other procedures.

This information may also help you determine if your current dental hygiene protocols are on-par with what dentists and other dental healthcare professionals recommend, as sub-standard dental hygiene can lead to a variety of dental diseases and conditions. If, for example, you determine that your current hygiene level is not ideal, you can work with the staff of Holladay Family Dentistry to create a brushing and flossing plan that will keep your smile beautiful, and your teeth clean and healthy.

So don’t delay! Head over to mydentalscore.com to take the free test, and learn more about how you can take your dental health into your own hands. In the mean time, head over to https://gmholladay.wpengine.com/blog for more information on how to care for your dental hygiene, and to read various articles on all of your dentistry related concerns.