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What to Look for In a Cosmetic Dentist

What to Look for In a Cosmetic Dentist

There are plenty of reasons people will turn to cosmetic dentistry. They may have a problem with their smile that has existed for a long time and want to correct their look. They may have damaged a tooth or teeth as the result of an accident. They may have teeth that have not been properly cared for that now need attention. The reason could be as simple as the fact that they don’t like what they see …

when they smile in the mirror. Most people will consider two options when they are considering cosmetic dentistry. First, they will look for a dentist that specializes in the field or they will turn to a general dentist that may not specialize in the field but has extensive training in Cosmetic Dentistry. Which one is the better option? The other question is how to find the right dentist in Salt Lake City for a cosmetic procedure?

A Trained Dentist or Specialist

There are many dentists that have received training in cosmetic dentistry that also practice other types of dentistry. The job they do depends on many different things.

  • The type of training – If a dentist has had very basic training or has only had training in specific areas of cosmetic dentistry it may be wise to consider someone with more training and experience.
  • The experience – If a dentist has a lot of experience doing cosmetic procedure along with training they may be very qualified to do the work that is needed.
  • The equipment that is available – A dentist that practices general dentistry may not have some of the specialized equipment that is needed to do certain cosmetic procedures. Even if they have the training and the experience, the lack of equipment such as Intraoral Digital Cameras and specialized lighting could make certain cosmetic procedures difficult.

A specialist in cosmetic surgery will have the three things that a general dentist may not have. They get extensive training in their specialty. They get experience before and after their training and they usually have access to the more specialized equipment. On the other hand, a general dentist that has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry procedures can do an equal job for a much lower cost.

How Do You Choose?

In order to choose a person needs to look at the circumstances of their need for cosmetic dentistry. If it is an emergency situation and they need help immediately, it may be easier to find a dentist that has been trained in cosmetic dentistry. If it is something that can be planned, the skills of the specialist may be the best option.

The other determining factor is cost. A specialist may try to charge a heftier fee for their work. They will justify it with their education and experience. However, a specialist performing cosmetic dentistry may not be covered by insurance. In many cases, if the procedure is performed by a general dentist, it will be covered. The only way to find out for sure is to check with the insurance company. Dental insurance companies have different policies regarding dental work performed for cosmetic reasons only. (See our page on insurances we accept to find out if we are preferred providers for your insurance.)

If a person has decided that they want either a trained dentist to perform a cosmetic procedure or if they want a specialist they have to take the time to find one. The trained dentist may be the dentist they already see. To find a specialist in Salt Lake City, it may be best to ask the general dentist you already see. He or she can give their opinion of who will do the job well. It is also possible to search for dentists on the internet. You can also find reviews of the dentists when you look hard enough to help make the decision about who to see.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the services we offer at Holladay Family Dental. Learn more about Cosmetic dentistry procedures on our Cosmetic Dentistry page. Residents of Holladay, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah can feel confident bringing themselves and their family members to Dr. Greaves for a wide variety of general dentistry services. Call Kerri or Angela at 801-272-8051 for more information or to schedule a consult.