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The Best Drink for Teeth

The Best Drink for Teeth

It is summertime and is finally hot outside. It’s time for all those fun outdoor activities—hiking, biking, swimming, and boating. The sun is beating down on you, and you are hot and thirsty. All you want is a cool drink. Hmm…will it be a sports drink? A lemonade? A soft drink? Wait a minute. There is a drink out there that is much healthier for your body and much better for your teeth.

It’s…water! Water is by far the best drink for your teeth this summer. Hopefully this article will inspire you to put down that Coke and grab a glass of cold tap water instead.

Why is water good for teeth?

Your mouth is full of cavity-causing bacteria. These bacteria love sugar and when exposed to sugar, produce acid that can wear away at the enamel or outer shell of your teeth. Besides the sugar in drinks like sports drinks, lemonade, and soda, all of these drinks change the pH balance of your mouth because they contain other acids like phosphoric, citrus, or malic acid. Your mouth will stay compromised for a period of time even after you stop drinking these drinks. The problem is that most of us will sip on a drink over time, leaving our mouths compromised and susceptible to cavities for hours. Over time, these hours add up and could lead to cavities and fillings.

On the other hand, when you drink water, you wash your mouth clean of food particles and residue. Each swallow of water is cleaning your teeth. Water also helps keep your saliva levels high. After you eat, saliva works to restore your mouth to a balanced state. It has protein and minerals in it that counteract actids. Saliva also helps to clean your mouth. After all, the best preventative care for your teeth is to keep your moth clean.

Is tap water good for you?

In the United States, tap water in most cities is fluoridated. The fluoride and other minerals in tap water like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous can all help remineralize your teeth. Let’s say your tooth’s enamel gets damaged by some taffy you ate. Drinking tap water can help your enamel build itself back.

Is bottled water as good as tap water?

Bottled water is much better for your teeth than sodas or sports drinks. However, it doesn’t contain fluoride and other minerals. People who rely solely on bottled water do not get the benefits of the minerals contained in tap water. Their teeth may not be as strong as a result

Can drinking water help with bad breath?

This may surprise you but just drinking water may help reduce bad breath. Some bad breath is caused by bacteria that live in a dry mouth. Some of us have a dry mouth in the morning when we wake up and then bad breath as a result. If you drink enough water during the day and keep your mouth and throat moist, you will not wake up with a dry mouth and will avoid the bacteria that causes it.