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The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dentists are always coming up with new ways to improve dental services. Dr. Greaves too is constantly finding new ways to take the pain out of dental work and to make it more comfortable for anyone that undergoes a dental procedure. He works hard to make sure his patients have the dental health they deserve and is becoming better and better at giving people the perfect smile. One of the tools he uses is lasers. Laser dentistry in Holladay, Utah is one of the newest fads and it offers some great benefits to the people that take the time to find out about it.

Laser Dentistry Salt Lake City Utah

How is laser dentistry being used?

The first thing that people would want to know is how laser dentistry can be used. Laser dentistry has been in use since 1994. The effectiveness of the laser depends on the power of the laser, the duration that it is used and the extent to which it is used. Dentist need to have special training to take advantage of what laser dentistry has to offer them. Some of the procedures that laser dentistry is used for include:

  • Tooth decay – The lasers can be used to remove any tooth decay that is present and to prepare the tooth to receive a filling. The lasers can also be used to harden the filling once it has been put in place.
  • Gum Disease – The lasers can be used to remove bacteria on the gums and to reshape the gums that have been impacted by disease.
  • Biopsy and Tissue removal – Sores and other diseased tissues can be removed with the laser and it can be sued to gather tissue for the purpose of having a biopsy done.
  • Teeth Whitening – Lasers are used to help activate the whitening chemicals that are used for this procedure. They can speed up the process of teeth whitening.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is becoming more popular as more dentists get the equipment and training that is needed. It offers many benefits that make it attractive.

  • No stitches needed – The use of lasers on soft tissue procedures removes the need for stitches. That can speed up the healing time and may alleviate the need for follow up visits.
  • No Anesthesia – The laser will allow the dentist to do many procedures that would otherwise require anesthesia to be done without it.
  • Less bleeding – There is minimal bleeding that occurs when a laser is used. The laser actually assists with the coagulation of the blood and there is usually much less blood loss as a result.
  • Less infections – The use of lasers lowers the risk of bacterial infections occurring.
  • Less collateral damage – The precise nature of the laser means the tissue surrounding the affected area is limited. The treatment with the laser focuses only on the area that is actually damaged.
  • Faster healing time – Procedures done with lasers do not require as much time to recover from. There are fewer visits require to complete procedures which could end up saving the patient money.
    It should not surprise people to find out that laser dentistry is becoming a very popular option. There are too many benefits not to consider it.