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The Bad Work Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

The Bad Work Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

Work can be stressful and we all occasionally fall into bad habits. However, some bad work habits can cause serious tooth damage. Read this list to find out if you’re guilty of any of these common workplace dental offenses.

1. You Chew Your Nails or Pens When You’re Nervous

We’ve all been there. We’re drowning under the weight of our workload, we’re nervous and we find ourselves impulsively chewing on our nails or pens. While it might be a satisfying short-term stress reliever, it’s downright terrible for your teeth. Not only can it chip the teeth, but it places an undue amount of stress on the jaw. If you know you’re going to get the urge to munch something when you’re stressed, keep a container of sugar-free gum on your desk.

2. You Don’t Brush After Lunch

Brushing your teeth at work is seen as so odd that the few people who do it are often seen as “weird.” Well, it’s time to embrace your inner “weirdo” and be the person who brushes after lunch. When your dentist says you should brush after every meal, he or she mean every meal, not just breakfast and dinner. If you’re embarrassed, go to a bathroom on another floor. Better yet, just do it and be proud of your commitment to oral hygiene. You might just set a trend.

3. You Grind Your Teeth When You’re Stressed

Similar to biting pens and nails, teeth grinding is bad for the jaw and can cause chips. If you’re someone who grinds their teeth when they’re stressed, it’s imperative that you seek help to kick this nasty habit. For some people, this means exploring meditation exercises or stress-coping mechanisms. For others, it could mean therapy. Just do whatever it takes to kick this nasty, dangerous habit.

4. You Can’t Say No To The Doughnuts In The Breakroom

Most of us feel guilty about snacking on pastries and candies because of what it can do to our waistlines. While a single doughnut has never caused someone to become obese overnight, it has been what planted the seeds of a cavity. Try to avoid snacking. If you must indulge in that coworker’s retirement cake, be sure to brush afterwards.

5. Your Teeth Are Tools

We’ve all been there. We get a package, can’t find our scissors and decide to quickly rip an incision with our teeth. While this might be a convenient way to open something in a pinch, remember that the only thing your teeth should be tools for is chewing food. Just think about how devastated you’d be if that split-second decision to open a package with your teeth led to a chip and expensive dental work.

Remember, the more you care for your teeth, the longer they’ll care for you. If you find yourself experiencing a dental emergency due to any of these behaviors, give us a call.