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Teeth Whitening Can Help Get That Perfect Smile

Teeth Whitening Can Help Get That Perfect Smile

Have you thought about whitening your teeth for years but just never did it for some reason? Well, if you’re still on the fence we hope that learning a little more about it might be enough to persuade you to go ahead and do it! We promise that having beautiful white teeth is all it’s cracked up to be.

There are many things that go into the perfect smile. Having straight teeth and teeth that are not misshaped or broken are some of the things to consider, when searching for a perfect smile. Making sure the teeth are white is another. It can take time and money to straighten teeth or to fix teeth that are broken, but whitening the teeth is a much easier process. In Salt Lake City it is possible to use a home teeth whitening kit or you can have an in-chair whitening procedure done at Dr. Greaves office.

The Difference Between a Professional and At Home Whitening

There are reasons to search out dentists and professionals for teeth whitening in Salt Lake City. They have the equipment that is needed to get the best results. They can also use products that are stronger than what is allowed for home use. If a person chooses a teeth whitening product from the shelves of a drug store, they will be getting a product that may not give them the results that they want.

Before a person chooses where to get their teeth whitened, they need to know what the different choices are.

  • At home – The home products allow a person to apply the chemical to a strip and apply it to the teeth. They are the most affordable option and can provide the results that a person wants when they are properly used. At home products usually take much longer to get the desired results and use the lowest strength whiteners.
  • Teeth whitening service – Some businesses such as beauty salons or med spas offer a wide variety of cosmetic services. Such as teeth whitening. They may have staff that are properly trained, but it is best to be careful and check them out before entrusting them with your smile.
  • Dental Offices – These are run by people who are trained to work on the teeth. They usually have access to the best products and equipment. It is often the best and safest place to turn, although it may be more expensive.

What Does Teeth Whitening Do?

The stains on the teeth can be classified in two ways. They can be surface stains or they can be or they can be stains that are inside of enamel that has been cracked or in the dentin of the teeth. Teeth whitening may not be needed to remove the stains on the surface. For the deeper stains, teeth whitening is the best method to use.

A whitening agent that is referred to as a bleach is applied to the teeth. Some type of cover is put over the teeth to hold the bleach in place. Energy can be used to help activate the bleach and speed up the process. This is often done through lasers or special lights. Oxygen molecules that are in the bleaching agent will react with the stains. The oxygen will spread throughout the teeth that have the agent applied to it and the result is a whiter smile.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure. It is being done by millions of people every day. Despite the relative safety of the process, there are some risks that are involved. If the whitening agent is left on too long, it can damage the teeth. If the product is not a high quality product it may not work or may produce inferior results. It takes time to get the perfect smile through teeth whitening, but it is usually worth the effort.

Teeth whitening is one of the services we offer at Holladay Family Dental. Learn more about teeth whitening procedures on our Teeth Whitening Services page. Residents of Holladay, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah can feel confident bringing themselves and their family members to Dr. Greaves for a wide variety of general dentistry services. Call Kerri or Angela at 801-272-8051 for more information or to schedule a consult.