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Questions to Ask Your Hygienist

Questions to Ask Your Hygienist

It’s that time again. Time for your dental checkup. You may not have thought much about your teeth in the last six months or a year. But now it is your chance to learn as much as you can about your mouth and make changes if needed. Your dental hygienist is a great resource and is happy to answer questions you may have.

Here are 5 questions you could ask your hygienist:

1. Ask about any changes to your mouth – sores, increased dryness, bad breath, sensitivity, or pain. If you have some trouble areas, the dentist and hygienist can treat those areas with extra care during the visit and advise you on helping those areas improve—either by the way you care for your teeth or by dental procedures. It’s good to discuss symptoms. Some symptoms, such as dry mouth, can be a symptom of other medical conditions like diabetes.

2. What can I do to improve my oral health? Every day, we spend just a few minutes caring for our teeth. Sometimes, just a simple change to our daily routine can yield big results. For example, many of us eat too many sweets and tend to have food, plaque, and eventually cavities between our teeth. Adding flossing into our routine could save you pain and money later if you keep your teeth healthier. A hygienist could advise you on the small but important changes your mouth may need.

3. Is my medication list up to date? Your dentist keeps a record of your medications. Make sure your list is up to date. Since medications can have side effects that affect the health of your mouth, he or she will more be able to give you better dental care having a complete understanding of your medical history.

4. What products should I be using? New products are always being introduced in the market. If you are having a particular problem, like sensitivity for example, there may be special toothpastes or other products that could help reduce the symptoms of your problem.

5. How do I make my next appointment? The best time to make an appointment for your next cleaning is now. One of the best ways you can care of your teeth is coming in every 6 months to have them looked at and cleaned. It’s all too easy to leave the dentist office intending to call for an appointment and forgetting altogether.