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Home Remedies for Mouth Burns and Sores

Home Remedies for Mouth Burns and Sores

Most if not all mouth burns are accidental – nobody would swallow a steaming cup of hot porridge, coffee, or even pizza with an intention of getting burnt. Mouth sores on the other hand are different. They are caused by many things including an accidental self-biting or eating some very spicy foods. Generally, mouth sores are easy to notice once they form in your mouth. They present themselves as lesions on the inner side of your mouth, at the roof of your mouth, and on the gums. Also known as canker sores, these lesions are not only painful but can be irritating and embarrassing.

While most mouth burns and sores can easily heal without treatment within a few days, some home remedies will speed up the healing process without any side effects. Some of the applicable home remedies include the following.

Soothing your mouth with cold water and ice

Due to the immediate pain and maybe minor swelling that you will experience after a burn, you will require something to help reduce the pain immediately. There is no better and more convenient home remedy than water. Gargle some cold water in your mouth for about five minutes. Try to hold the water in your mouth for a while to give the affected areas a long soothing effect. If you have ice cubes, use them to prevent blistering or severe blistering. Rub the ice cubes over the area to protect the soft tissues that enhance the sense of taste.

Avoid all kinds of irritants

Foods such as tomato and lemons will irritate the burned area, especially because at this instance, the mouth is very sensitive. As you avoid such foods, also remember that hot, spicy, and very salty foods will have the same effect. Do not forget to be gentle as you chew and brush your teeth. Flossing should also be done with care especially when you have a gum burn too.

Use a few spoons of yogurt throughout the day

Foods such as fruit smoothies, ice cream, milk, and yogurt provide a better layer or a coating to your mouth that lasts longer than that provided by water. Using them will provide a longer soothing effect than relying on water alone. Yogurt has more benefits than just soothing because it contains beneficial bacteria for your gut and mouth. You will surely enjoy the healing benefits whether you are suffering from mouth sores, gum burn, or even a general mouth burn.

Gargle salty water or use Aloe Vera gel to speed up healing process

This remedy uses items that you can easily find in your kitchen: clean water, Aloe Vera plant, and salt. Mix some salt and water and gargle at least three times per day to kill germs and speed the healing process. Extract the Aloe Vera juice or gel and add it to your drinking water at least three times a day.

Always remember that only minor burns or the first degree burns can be treated at home. If you have a second or third degree, visit your doctor.