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Holladay Family Dental Featured on Fox13 News

Holladay Family Dental Featured on Fox13 News

Holladay Family Dental’s Dr. Cannon was recently featured in on Fox13 News in a segment titled, “Booming Forward: The importance of dental care for seniors”. Dr. Cannon talks about the importance of regular dental care and checkups as we all age is more important than you might think. He points out that as we grow older so do our teeth and proper dental care is more important than ever.

Here are a few of the interesting points Dr. Cannon discusses in the interview:

  • As we age our dental work ages as well. There are things that will need to be replaced such as old fillings, crowns or bridges that no longer fit, or that bacteria is able to get underneath and cause cavities under the dental work.
  • Older patients that are on medication for other health issues can suffer from dry mouth. Dry mouth can increase bacteria and cause an increase in cavities.
  • The nerves in the mouth are less sensitive to pain when we get older therefore bi problems couls exist that a patient might not realize exist.

Click here to view the entire interview: Dental Care for Seniors in Salt lake City. Or watch below. Also watch for an upcoming blog post where we go into greater depth on Dental Care for Seniors and what we can all do now to prevent bigger problems when we’re older.