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Food And Your Breath

Food And Your Breath

What causes bad breath? This problem is caused by certain drinks or foods that mix with bacteria in your mouth. Drinks, seasonings, and protein foods break down into sulfur compounds. After this compound mixes with the bacteria in your mouth, then stinky breath could become a major problem in your life.

For the freshest breath, do yourself a favor. Stay away from drinks and foods that are bad for your teeth and breath! Besides avoiding bad breath problems, you can also avoid teeth stains.

Drinks that cause bad breath

Coffee – When the acidity from coffee and its natural enzymes combine with the saliva in your mouth, it causes gastric juices to form which in return causes the terrible mouth odor.

Alcohol – When you drink alcohol, it dries out your mouth. The more you drink, the stinker your breath may become.

Milk – As the milk is digested it produces hydrogen sulfide and this causes a sour smell on your breath.

Seasonings in foods causing bad breath include the following:

Garlic – When you chew up garlic, it turns into a substance known as ally methyl sulfide. It absorbs into your mouth, lungs, and skin and releases a gas smell immediately. This odor seeps through not only your breath but your entire body.

Onion – This vegetable that is used as a seasoning contains the amino acid allin. When allin is mixed with bacteria in your mouth, it turns into propenyl sulfenic acid. This acid will make your breath smell like a rotting catcher’s mitt.

Horseradish – This seasoning gets its flavor from isothiocyanate. This chemical compound is a plant’s natural defense against animals. If animals cannot tolerate this smell, think what your breath must smell like after this chemical mixes with the bacteria in your mouth.

Protein foods causing bad breath include the following:

Tuna – Tuna starts to become sour smelling in your mouth as it oxidizes within your mouth’s bacteria.

Eggs – As eggs are digested, they break down into a sulfur compound. This smell is excreted through your breath.

Red Meat – Eating a diet heavy in red meat can cause ammonia breath. The ammonia is produced by the digestive system and is expelled through your breath. Your breath may smell like cat’s urine.

Avoiding drinks and foods bad for teeth can give you fresher breath and a prettier smile. Try doing the following things daily to keep your breath fresh.

Brush your teeth twice a day.

Drink water daily because it promotes the production of saliva and it dissolves bad smells.

Use a tongue scraper to eliminate odor-causing bacteria on your tongue.

Chew sugarless gum that contains xylitol. It inhibits bacterial and loosens food from teeth, gums, and tongue.

Floss your teeth daily.

If this breath problem continues, be sure to visit your dentist. Your dentist should be seen twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. He can also help you identify other food that can be causing your bad breath problems.