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Don’t Put Off Going To The Dentist

Don’t Put Off Going To The Dentist


If you’re avoiding the dentist, now is the time to go!

When you think of doing something fun, going to the dentist probably isn’t on your top-ten list. For many people, it’s not enjoyable being poked and prodded. In addition, it’s never comfortable having to be accountable for all those times you ate sticky treats, skipped brushing, and were too tired to floss. We all know that too much of the “good stuff” inevitably leads to having to get cavities drilled or even a crown inserted.

Isn’t it better to avoid dental work and the soreness that comes with it? Not to mention the bills? After all, you can almost pretend that you don’t need work and that your dental problems don’t really exist, right? Wrong!

Procrastinating dental work is like making a mole hill become a mountain. A 60-minute dental visit can save you time, pain, and money in the long run. Below are 3 reasons not to put off needed dental work any longer.

3 Reasons Not to Put off Dental Work

1) Decay costs money! Let’s say you go to the dentist and he or she says you have a cavity. That means that decay has penetrated your tooth’s enamel. Once decay has gone through the enamel, it must be fixed. Perhaps at first the decay is small. The dentist could drill it quickly and your bill won’t be too bad.

But the decay is not going to go away by itself. If left, it will get bigger and bigger. A bigger cavity cost significantly more to fill than a smaller cavity. A large cavity that causes you to need a crown will cost many times more than a simple cavity would have cost. The sooner you fix decay, the cheaper it will be.

2) It’s the end of the year and your benefits end soon! If you have dental insurance then that means that all year you have been paying a monthly premium. If you don’t take advantage of dental services like cleanings that are usually included for “free” in your plan, then you are wasting money.

You pay so much for these dental benefits; take advantage of them. When your teeth are cleaned, often tarter will be cleaned from your teeth and the bacteria count around your gum line will decrease. Sometimes you will opt for a fluoride treatment that can help strengthen your tooth enamel. All of these services help your mouth to stay healthier.

Many people also have a yearly maximum that dental insurances will pay on dental work. A yearly maximum of $1000 is quite common. If you have only used $300 of this amount but still need dental work done, it would be in your best interest to get the work done by the end of the year. That way you when your benefits reset on January 1, 2019, you will have $1000 more to apply to any dental issues that come up in the New Year.

3) Facing what you fear makes you stronger. Many people don’t go to the dentist because they fear it. Perhaps they had a bad experience in the past at a dentist. Perhaps they developed the fear of dental work as a child and haven’t gotten past it. Whatever the reason, when you avoid the dentist or anything that you fear, the fear actually gets stronger.

If you want to overcome a fear, you must face what you fear and do what you fear.When you go to the dentist, even if you fear it, over time, your good experiences will outweigh the bad. You will have more confidence in your ability to deal with things that are fearful. Going to the dentist is the best way to get over this fear. Especially if you come see us at My Holladay Dentist because our patients always leave smiling.