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Understanding the Facts about Mens Oral Health

Understanding the Facts about Mens Oral Health

We all know about the importance of good oral hygiene after having had it repeatedly pounded in our heads over the years. However, what you might not be aware of is that there is actually a difference in between women’s and mens oral health. Yes, it’s true—mens teeth and mouths are slightly different than women’s.

For this reason, it’s important to look at the reasons for these differences and also provide some mens dental tips to give all of you guys a better chance at having a bright, white, healthy smile.

The Truth about Mens Oral Health

Although mens teeth and women’s teeth are identical in design and structure, men are still far more likely to experience gum disease, tooth decay and other more severe periodontal diseases. These factors mean that men are also much more likely to lose their teeth than their female counterparts, and this is evidenced by the fact that men are also much more likely to require dentures or other dental replacements. The reason for all of these factors doesn’t involve any difference between men’s and women’s mouths and teeth. Instead it is all down to the difference in how women take care of their teeth compared to how men do.

Regular teeth cleanings and dental exams are one of the best things you can do for your oral health. However, evidence shows that women are much more likely to undergo this type of preventative dental care, whereas the average men doesn’t typically see a dentist until he is in need of immediate treatment for a problem.

These same sort of statistics also apply when we look at how frequently men and women brush their teeth. The number of women who brush their teeth at least twice a day is higher than the number of men and women are also much more likely than their male counterparts to brush their teeth after every meal.

Furthermore, the average woman usually follows the ADA recommendations and changes to a new toothbrush every two to three months. However, men generally go for at least four or five months before reaching for a new toothbrush. Finally, men are also much more frequent users of tobacco products or alcohol than woman are, which helps to explain why men also experience much higher rates of oral cancer.

Mens Dental Tips

All of the above factors seem to indicate the men simply don’t take oral hygiene as seriously or deem it as important as women do. In truth, this isn’t all that surprising, but it is significant as it shows that most men need to work far harder on their oral hygiene than they currently do.

Luckily, it isn’t all that difficult. Men’s oral hygiene is exactly the same as women’s in the sense that you need to make sure to brush properly at least twice a day, floss your teeth regularly and visit your dentist at least once or twice a year for a checkup. By taking these steps and putting a bit of extra effort into your oral hygiene, you can give yourself a far better chance of not becoming one of the many men who lose their teeth before their time.