Tips To Having A Fun And Safe Halloween - Holladay Family Dental
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Tips To Having A Fun And Safe Halloween

Tips To Having A Fun And Safe Halloween


Halloween is coming to Salt Lake City in just a few weeks.  Dentists all over Salt Lake County are both cringing and rejoicing. We decided to take a break from the best dental tips in Holladay and just give you some pointers on how you can have a safe Halloween.

With Halloween only a few weeks away children all over the Wasatch Front have been planning their costumes for weeks and even months. Halloween is such a fun holiday. In Utah, even though we’ve had snow a few times, most Halloweens in recent memory have been crisp, yet mild and beautiful. As fun as costumes and candy are for kids, many parents worry about their kids being safe as they celebrate.

Here’s a list of tips to keep in mind as you plan for a fun Halloween:

  1. Wear costumes made of flame retardant material. It may not seem likely, but costumes have caught on fire as they’ve brushed up again lighted pumpkins inside and outside.
  2. Avoid masks. Masks can make it harder to breathe and harder to see. You want your kids to be able to see cars and tripping hazards as they trick-or-treat. You can add a lot of interest with makeup or a hat instead of a mask. If you choose to wear makeup, test a small area first and make sure your child’s skin doesn’t react to the makeup. When you get home, make sure makeup is washed off before bed. Waking up with a red rash all over your face would be really scary!
  3. Glow! One of the best Halloween safety tips is to make your child more visible. If you have kids that will be outside after dark, make sure they are easily seen by cars. You can have them wear glow necklaces or bring flashlights. You can add reflective tape to any costume. And really, who doesn’t enjoy glowing after dark? It adds to the fun of the night.
  4. Accompany children while trick-or-treating. Children under 12 should have an adult that goes with them trick-or-treating. This is one of the most important things you can do to keep kids safe. Older children who want to go by themselves should plan a route with you before they go. If you can, send them with a phone, so they can call you if they get tired or have any problems. Many smart phones have the ability to be tracked with the phone’s GPS. It might be nice to be able to pinpoint your child’s location. Agree on a time to be home.
  5. Cross streets at crosswalks. Many children get excited on Halloween and sometimes forget basic safety rules. Encourage them to cross streets at crosswalks. Many neighborhoods may have extra traffic. Some drivers may be teenage drivers or others who aren’t as familiar with the neighborhood. Stay on the sidewalks and avoid stepping out into traffic, especially if it is after dark.
  6. Don’t use real candles in pumpkins. There are so many different inexpensive battery-powered candles on the market today. Not only do they last longer than a candle, they are safer. You avoid any possibility of plants, costumes, or even your house catching on fire.
  7. Use rubber or plastic accessories. Don’t wear costume accessories like weapons that are made of wood or metal. If you trip, you could be injured by your own accessory.

Whatever you do, we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween. Don’t enjoy too much Halloween candy or we’ll probably be seeing you before you were scheduled for your next visit. If you can help it, try finding some of the best candies for your teeth to minimize the damage. None the less, from all of us here at Holladay Family Dental have a safe and happy Halloween!