Benefits to Getting Your End of Year Dental Work Scheduled - Holladay Family Dental
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Benefits to Getting Your End of Year Dental Work Scheduled

Benefits to Getting Your End of Year Dental Work Scheduled

“Benefits to Getting Your End of Year Dental Work Scheduled”

October is the perfect time to be planning for the rest of the year. With snow on Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, we know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. We all know how busy the holidays can be. Soon, we’ll be facing a new year.

It may not be the first thing on our minds, but many of us have dental benefits we have paid for all year. Have we really taken advantage of the dental services that we have already paid for? If not, it could be time to make an appointment with the dentist.

This article discusses 6 reasons you should act now and call your dentist today.

  1. Cost of benefits increase. Even if you quality, affordable insurance this year, next year it could all change. Costs of benefits usually increase year to year. Even if you are staying with the same insurance, your dental coverage could change as well. And let’s face it—most of the time our coverage isn’t getting better. It’s getting worse.
  2. Yearly maximums can limit your coverage. Many dental insurance companies have a yearly maximum that they will pay per person. If your yearly maximum is $1000, for example, you would be better off getting work done to hit that maximum rather than putting it off until next year. Who knows? Next year, you could have more cavities or need a crown. If you go over the $1000 maximum, you will be paying more money out of pocket for the same work.
  3. Your teeth can worsen and cost more to fix. Not too many people like to spend money at the dentist or go through pain. It’s easy to put off dental work. However, sometimes putting off dental work only costs us more in the long run. It might cost a few hundred dollars to fix a small cavity or two. If a cavity gets bigger, it will cost more. If the cavity gets too big, you will need a root canal and a crown which will cost 3-4 times as much as a cavity.
  4. You are already paying monthly premiums. Get something out of that money that you’ve already spent. Most dental insurances pay for dental cleanings every 6 months. Are you up to date? These cleaning don’t just make your teeth feel smoother. They get your teeth and gums very clean. This helps your teeth to fight off bacteria that causes plaque and decay.
  5. Have you already hit your deductible? It depends on the plan but some dental insurance plans have a deductible that you must pay every year before they will cover dental bills. If you have already paid this money this year, then dental work will be cheaper to get done this year, rather than next when you would have to pay your new yearly deductible on top of the cost of the dental work.
  6. Dentists get busy at the end of the year. You aren’t the only person who has put off dental work this year. Dentists are often swamped by people trying to use their benefits. Call now to schedule any appointments you might need. Even if you don’t go in for a month or so, at least you’ll have your appointment set. Dental services are important, so get yours scheduled today.